Smart Tips to Buying a Marquise Cut Diamond

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Marquise cut diamonds originated in the 18th Century. Since then, it has been a popular choice among people for its attractive shape and appearance. It has a unique shape that maximizes the carat weight. Yet again, there are few important things, which you need to consider while buying marquise cut diamond engagement rings.

Be Careful of the Bowtie Effect

Among all diamonds, the elongated cuts such as the oval, pear, and marquise cut diamonds are susceptible to the bowtie effect. This happens when there is a dark patch of shadow across the width of the diamond. This is mainly caused by the wrong alignment of facets, which reflect light in the wrong direction. The light moves out of the pavilion instead of being reflected from the surface. As a result, a dark patch is developed in the center of the stone.

There are cases when the bowtie is mild. In such cases, they can be ignored. However, if they are the first thing that catches your attention, they certainly need to be avoided.

Understand the Risk of Chipping

As the marquise cut diamonds have pointed edges, they are in constant danger of chipping. Thus, you have to choose a ring setting that will offer the utmost protection to the center diamond. A setting with a V-tip or a V-end is the best choice for these stones. Remember, the pointed edges are one of the factors behind the beauty of marquise cut.

Check the Symmetry of the Diamond

Symmetry is another secret behind the beauty of marquise cut diamonds. Both the left and right edges should lie in a straight line and the halves should mirror each other perfectly.

Pay Attention to the Color Grade

The color you choose for your marquise cut diamond is purely personal. The most popular choice is in the range of D to F grades. These are colorless, and hence, the costliest. However, you need to remember that the difference between these grades is negligible. Sometimes, the changes cannot be perceived easily by the naked eye. Therefore, you can opt for a lower grade diamond too and still have very attractive diamond engagement rings in your hands.

Note the Clarity Grading

All natural diamonds have slight inclusions in their structure. It is very important to consider this aspect while purchasing a marquise cut diamond. There are no mentions of inclusions in the GIA report, and hence, it is important to examine the diamond well before purchasing it. Analyzing it in person will be the best way to ensure that you do not end up buying an unattractive low clarity diamond.

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