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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings
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When it comes to diamond band engagement rings, the first thing that you are likely to consider will be your gleaming diamonds. After all, it tends to be the most expensive part of almost every diamond ring. Plus, its spellbinding shine is something that can turn heads instantly. That being said, the main factor that contributes to this captivating sparkle of diamonds is its cut. Note that diamonds are usually cut to enhance its sparkle. The most popular diamond cut so far is the round brilliant cut. In fact, around 70% of the overall diamonds produced in the market are round. However, this option has become so clichéd these days.

On top of that, the rough diamond wastage during the cutting process of round cut diamonds is more, making it relatively more expensive. This paved the way for the introduction of fancy cut diamonds. Note that anything but the round shape is fancy cut diamonds. Some of the popular options, in this case, include the princess diamond cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, oval cut, marquise cut, pear cut, etc. Dealers like Rockher offer most of these fancy cut diamonds.

Even though fancy cut stones were not so popular during the bygone decades, it is a raging tends these days; all credit goes to the celebrities who embraced the shape and opted to step out flaunting it. Furthermore, the possibilities of getting a diamond shape that complements the lifestyle and personality of different people are relatively higher in this case.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

As mentioned earlier, marquise diamonds are categorized under one of the most popular fancy cut stones. This unique gemstone boasts a tabloid history. According to the tales, King Louis XV orders his royal jeweler to design a gemstone for his beloved in the shape of her lips. This paved the way to the invention if spectacular marquise diamonds.

However, these beauties are not a part of any kind of scandal these days. In fact, more and more people are embracing this unique diamond cut because of its elongated silhouette that flatters the fingers of the wearers, unlike any other options. Note that marquise diamond cut boasts curved sides and pointed tips mimicking a sparkling football and hence, it got the name football cut. Additionally, since it resembles a boat or navette, marquise cut diamonds are also known as the boat cut stones.

The unusual and flattering shape of marquise cut diamonds tends to make it a statement piece. Hence, this will be just the right choice if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, some people tend to enhance the appeal of marquise diamond rings even more by encircling it with a halo of diamonds. Are you also eyeing such a luminescent diamond ring? If yes, it is recommended to consider the following factors and tips.

Celebrated Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings

Apart from being a celebrity style statement, marquise diamond band engagement rings became popular as most couples started steering towards not-so-common diamond ring styles. Even though the marquise diamond cut is unique and modern, it is regarded as one of the most elegant and classic styles as well. Hence, this will be a great choice for all the couples who want the best of both worlds.

Things to Consider

Once you decided to invest in marquise diamond rings, there are certain factors that you must consider. One of the major upsides of marquise diamonds is the elongated profile that tends to make the stone look bigger than its actual carat weight giving you the best bang for your bucks. For instance, a 3ct marquise diamond is likely to look much bigger than its round counterpart. This will let you go a bit flexible with your budget and hence, you will be able to give a halo of gemstones around the center diamond enhancing its overall appeal to the fullest.

Is it Appropriate for your Style?

Before purchasing marquise diamond engagement rings, make sure that it works with your lifestyle since this is going to be a lifetime commitment. In case you lead a hands-on lifestyle, make sure that the pointed tips of your marquise diamonds do not ding or chip. For this, you can either secure it with the V-prong setting, bezel setting, or by giving a halo of diamonds around it. However, a floating halo diamond engagement ring where the marquise diamond is set a level higher to the halo will not be a suitable choice for busy people.

Bowtie Effect

One of the main issues that people tend to face while choosing a marquise diamond or any other fancy cut diamond rings is the bowtie effect. This is a condition in which the gemstones fail to bounce back the light to its center creating darker areas within the diamond in the shape of men’s bowties. Hence, it got the name. While a slight bowtie effect tends to add to the overall beauty of the stone, a severe bowtie can ruin its look. The worst part is that this flaw will not be documented in the grading report. Hence, you will have to evaluate your gemstone thoroughly using a microscope before making a purchase.

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