The Most Popular Settings for Marquise Diamonds

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Diamond Engagement Rings
Marquise Diamond Settings

There is a wide range of beautifully crafted diamond engagement rings available to us these days. These unique diamond engagement rings are perfect to symbolize the everlasting love a couple shares. However, finding the best of all diamond engagement rings can be difficult at times, as these are available in a whole lot of different settings and precious metals.

Marquise diamond engagement rings are one of the best choices to redefine your regal grandeur and to create a graceful appeal. The marquise diamond, since it was created by the request of French royalty, had been conquering hearts all over the world. Now, it has become a perfect choice among celebrities and also among the royalty.

The Queen Mary’s enormous 11.5 carat marquise diamond brooch featuring a drop created from Cullinan VI, is a part of the British Crown Jewels even today. Queen Elizabeth II still wears this beautiful masterpiece. This spectacular marquise design is also applied to other gemstones because of its ability to enhance the beauty of the stone. However, the popularity of the marquise cut slightly diminished with the arrival of vintage diamond engagement rings, which have a one-of-a-kind desirable design with an alluring classic look.

Regardless, marquise diamond engagement rings have always been adored for their exceptional appeal and outstanding looks. They are also making a comeback in the modern diamond jewelry industry, so you should be aware of the settings that go well with marquise diamonds to make the most of their stunning design.

V-Tip Prong Setting for Marquise Diamonds

It is clear that the marquise stone has sharp points on its top and bottom. These pointed tips are the ones, which are vulnerable to chipping, and therefore, they must be secured safely with a proper setting. Choosing a setting with v-prong completely covering and protecting both tips is a good choice to maximize its protection. In addition, this could eliminate tension settings in ring styling.

The protective elegance of this ring can be increased by choosing a setting that features four conventional type prongs in addition to two v-prongs in order to protect the marquise tips. As for the metals, platinum as well as white gold has the ability to enhance the crystal clear color of diamonds giving it a white background. On the other hand, yellow gold and rose gold creates a yellow undertone, which may slightly affect the color quality.

Pros of Prong Setting

  • It has a potential to emphasize the marquise diamond
  • It gives the diamond a greater visibility and light reflection
  • It make the diamond to look larger
  • It gives the diamond sufficient protection
  • It is also easy to clean and maintain

Cons of Prong Setting

  • The prongs, if they snag onto the everyday items, can cause damage to the prong as well as the diamond
  • It won’t be a good option for the ones with busy hands and an active lifestyle
  • There is also a risk of the diamond to fall off the prong as the prongs wear out

Bezel Setting for Marquise Diamonds

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Bezel diamond ring settings give marquise diamonds a beautiful contemporary appeal, highlighting its outstanding shape and style. The metallic halo of bezel setting completely covers the diamond protecting its sides and tips from chipping. Bezel setting is commonly used for round diamond; however, it looks very appealing with marquise diamond as well. It would be very innovative to create a horizontal marquise in the bezel setting.

Pros of Bezel Setting

  • It can offer a better protection to the centerpiece
  • It offers safety to all the points of the marquise diamond and keeps it away from the outer exposure
  • It is a good option for people who use their hands often in the line of work
  • This classic design is sophisticated and timeless, and could also hide any flaws within the edges of the center stone

Cons of Bezel Setting

  • Bezel setting is generally more expensive than most of the other settings
  • This setting could make the center diamond look smaller
  • It offers less light reflection because of the lesser visibility of the diamond
  • It is also difficult to clean, and it cannot be resized easily

Additional Points to Note While Choosing the Setting

  • Solitaire settings magnify the grace of the marquise. You could also pair this setting with additional diamonds to amplify the dramatic look of the shape.
  • The step-cut faceting is widely seen in antique diamond jewelry. The diamonds that feature the baguette, Asscher, and emerald cut style shows off characterized vintage look when paired with a marquise center stone.
  • When two baguette side stones surround a marquise diamond centerpiece, it makes the ring more beautiful. This way, you could change the metal types and side stone sizes to personalize the look of the ring.
  • Round cut diamonds, when they are paired with a marquise cut center diamond, give a modern appeal to the ring. In addition, the brilliance of round cut diamonds will give the setting a perfect sparkle.

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  1. Another thing to consider is that if you don’t choose the right setting that provides protection, your diamond can be chipped easily. The pointed ends are prone to chipping and damage if they are just left as is. When buying a marquise cut diamond, pay attention to symmetry. The two ends of the diamond should be perfectly aligned with each other. Any defects or problems with the symmetry can have a negative effect on the diamond’s overall equilibrium. It won’t look as balanced either. The symmetry should be excellent, or at least in the “very good” grade.

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