Find CBD Wedding Gifts For Him?


Who hasn’t frantically searched the web for a great gift to give their husband or boyfriend or for their bestie’s birthday, wedding or even their anniversary! In a bid to get something unique and exciting we are left unsatisfied even after the countless run-ins into the local malls. Even the ecommerce stores don’t have something on them to catch your attention.

There comes a time when even the teddies lose their charm, with the hectic work-life or studies taking a big chunk of their cerebral real estate. You might have seen your significant other sweating it out at work on the weekends or pulling up an all-nighter cramming up their university textbook over a cup of hot coffee. If only you could give them a beautiful care package that is more enticing than a box of aspirin bottle.

You have a friend in CBD then! The one-stop shop for all things natural and organic, to help your man relax and catch his breath, for a change.

The herbal supplement shot to fame especially with the much anticipated Farm Act passed in 2018 making it legal for possessing hemp-derived CBD products. The markets have since flourished with newer and more exciting products for people to seek the help of. What this means is that you have more CBD wedding gifts options to choose from to make your man cry out over how caring and loving his girl is!

This is your chance to hop onto the CBD train and give your man another reason to smile.

We will be running through the top CBD wedding gifts that you can surprise your man with and also tell you the things that you need to look out for while choosing the best product for him.

Top CBD Products To Get Your Man As A Gift

  • Mineral’s Body+Mind Self-Care Kit- Robyn & Maison

The minute you open the package you know that you are in for a ride! The neatly and aesthetically packaged box has all of the bare essentials to keep on you at all times. The gift set by Mineral’s has mood balancing and anxiety soothing tinctures whose sole aim will be to dissolve the stress at work, vanish the stress lines on the forehead and help your man recover from his rigorous workout session, because which woman wouldn’t want their man to be in their best shape?!

The 1000mg Robyn tincture is for the overworked mind. The tincture can be consumed in the morning or even in the night, to help achieve a sense of “balance”.

The 300mg Maison salve has a gentle aroma which will draw you to the California redwood. This topical solution focuses primarily on the restoring and rejuvenating of damaged muscle, tissue or skin. If your man has inflamed joints or wants to kick back from the pain, then be sure to give him a dosage whenever he needs it.

  • Signature Blends by Evolved Alchemy

These blends or tinctures are one of the most unique flavour profiles and all make use of 100% wild crafted herbs that are organic in every sense of the word. This maker uses spagyric extraction to help create a formula that will energize and help your man stay on his toes till the end of the day. A few of the interesting flavours that they have include the Green dragon, Venus flower and Mushroom magic among the many others.

  • Santa Rosa, Honduras Coffee by Steep Fuse

This is one great product especially if your man enjoys his cup of piping hot java in the morning. Steep Fuze is a company that creates gourmet CBD infused coffee as well as tea. There products make use of imported tea and local speciality coffee roaster, then infusing them with their signature full-spectrum CBD strain into the roast coffee to create a blend like no other. You get to enjoy the energising taste of coffee in your mouth as well as soothe your mind for the action packed day ahead!

  • Populum CBD Oil

This is a potent hemp-derived CBD product that is starting to gain much traction with the masses. Simply taking a dropper full of Populum’s Full spectrum Hemp oil and squirting it onto your tongue will help introduce to your body the purest sources of antioxidants, neuroprotectants and cannabinoids. The full-spectrum strain also does a Fantabulous job in giving the best of each cannabinoid to the users. The end result is a tincture that helps protect and create a sense of balance in your body’s central nervous system. If you find yourself having constant mood swings, then you’ll be surprised what an effective antidote this CBD oil truly can be for you!

  • Buddha Teas CBD Chamomile Blend

This is a must have product if your man enjoys his tea! The tea bundle comes with 90mg of water soluble CBD in each box. The tea bundle also comes with many exotic flavours such as Matcha Mint, Chamomile and the usual relaxant flavours of turmeric and ginger as well. There are 18 bags per box with each box holding a 5mg water soluble CBD infused tea. These make great companions if you have had a stressful day at work, and would like to cut out the caffeine intake in the day. This is the perfect gift that you should definitely include for your man!

  • Maggie’s CBD Balm by CBD Unlimited

This is a must have if your man does not like the taste or idea of ingesting CBD. Maggie’s hemp derived CBD balm is right tool to deliver the unmistakable trait of relaxation of CBD onto your skin by simply rubbing it onto your problem areas. The balm can be used for muscle soreness especially after a testosterone filled sweat dripping workout at the gym. Wave your muscle aches and sores a resounding goodbye withMaggie’s CBD Balm by CBD unlimited.

  • Hemp Theory Powerful Fast Relief Hemp Cream

This is another great topical treatment with its fast action and powerful formula that ensure that all the goodness of CBD-derived hemp reaches to you. The pain cream is made from some of the top quality hemp batches, so you can be sure that you can apply these on to the site of trouble without a second thought. What truly set this product apart is the Nano-encapsulated cannabidiol, which is trademarked as Nanobidiol technology. This enters the blood stream much faster than the conventional CBD-derived hemp resulting in a much faster pain relief.

What more? You can target where you want this fast action by simply taking a generous amount of the cream and spreading it at the problem areas. That is something that beats even a vape or an edible.

  • Black Rock Originals by Key To Cannabis 

If your man is one who enjoys his occasional joint, then this is best thing you can get him! Gone are the days of shoving all of the rolling papers, lighter and crumbled Cannabis in a corner of the traveling bag. With the help of the Black Rock Originals Safety Case 2.0 by Key To Cannabis, your man can store in all the essentials in a smell-proof, water-proof casing that is both compact and light. This is the perfect travelling partner for your man! After you that is!

  • Monk CBD Cocktail Set

If your man is one who enjoys his fair share of poison every weekend, then the MONK’s mixers are infused with organic herbs, freshly pressed juices and terpenes to drive the point home! These make the best companions to mix with your booze to help bring a healthier twist to your every sip!

  • Lord Jones High CBD Holiday Gum Drops

These are premium CBD gum drops that scream quality and sophistication! Each gum drop is hand-crafted and contain 20mg of their top-of-the-line CBD strain. If you feel the CBD gummy that you are used to chomping down are too paltry, then Lord Jone’s with their Mango Chilli and Sugar plum flavours will be a welcome change to your palate.

  • Vertly’s Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salt

Where is it written that a man can’t enjoy a lazily lie in warm water filled tub with bath salts? Vertly is here to fill in that desire! They have a line of premium CBD derived hemp bath salts that are infused with sea salt, Epsom salt and many other botanicals and essential oils also thrown into the mix to create a relaxing aroma like no other. Draw a bath for your man after a long day’s work and see him sink into the pleasant and sore-soothing bliss of CBD. The packaging in itself is so soothing that we may never even feel like checking what is in it!

  • Leef Nooks + Crannies CBD Soap

This is a soap that is like no other. A CBD infused soap that although might not be upto challenge an edible but will hold its own in helping soothe and revitalise your skin! Not only will it leave you spic-and-span once you are done with your shower but your skin will be light and smooth to touch!

Things To Look Out For While Buying CBD Gifts For Your Man

Most of these products are top-of-the-line, and will be worth every penny you toss. But this doesn’t mean you yourself can’t research it. Make sure that every product and producer you check out has been properly certified and tested by a third-party lab.

In addition, ensure to choose CBD gifts that best helps the problem that you want addressed. If you want a more holistic experience then better go for a full-spectrum rather than an isolate.

Last but not least, be sure to check beforehand for any allergies. You can simply apply the CBD gifts on the skin, and wait for 24 hours; if no redness or rashes are visible then you are good to go!

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