Tips on Purchasing Valentine’s Day Jewelry

Diamond Engagement Rings
Valentines Day Diamonds
Valentines Day Diamonds

It can be rather tricky to shop for a jewelry piece for your lover before Valentine’s Day, but learning some things will help you find the ideal gift more easily. You should understand your partner’s tastes, shop at reputable stores, and learn what gemstone grades refer to.

Some great Valentine’s Day special sales will occur online and offline. While you should seek the best jewelry items that suit your budget, do not take all the discounts for granted. Some may be reductions from price increases, represented as ‘discounts’ by jewelers.

Decide on the amount of money you wish to spend, plus shop to benefit from the limited-period Valentine’s Day engagement ring deals or post-holiday jewelry sales. The average price for a jewelry piece, excluding wedding band and engagement ring, is $350, as per the trade association Jewelers of America. However, there is a wide variety of jewelers out there.

Learn the Jewelry Lingo

Refer websites such as RockHer for help knowing key terms about diamonds. They have a wonderful section devoted to diamond education.

Know more things about how gems are graded. The more information you read, the better equipped you will be to make an informed purchase decision.

Know Your Lover’s Taste

Consider what your romantic partner wears and what is in her jewelry box. In the event that special someone prefers small earrings, avoid buying large hoops. If they are active, or work with the hands a lot, avoid purchasing a Valentine’s Day engagement ring with a high setting.

If you intend to purchase a diamond-set piece, discover whether your lover would sacrifice size for quality or the other way around.

Consider Artificial Diamonds

Lab-made diamonds are between 20% and 40% less pricey than the mined ones, as per a shopping site. These have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds, and they come at a reasonable price point.

Moreover, the fact that lab-grown diamonds are sold on online-only ecommerce stores, you will get more savings. This is because these stores do not have a lot of overhead costs, and they pass on these benefits to customers.

Buy from Reputable Jewelers

Customers may discover that the discount rate at one store is the median retail price at other places, according to the abovementioned trade group. Shop for jewelry at only a trusted retail outlet. Ask your friends for suggestions, or visit websites where you can look for reputable retailers with ZIP code.

Verify the jeweler’s return policy, plus discover whether they have a money-back policy or whether you would need to exchange a piece for credit.

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