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All diamonds on the market are priced using a complex system, which is a huge one involving a lot of factors. The most important one of these, which has a direct effect on the outcome, is the carat weight. It is small wonder that buyers place a lot of thought on it when it comes to making a purchase.

The cut quality of diamond is another vital aspect greatly influencing cost. The total value of a stone can go either up or down based on its cut. There is a wide range of diamond rings available on the market featuring various cuts on the mounted stone, including everything from the typical round brilliant cut diamond ring to the princess cut diamond ring.

Increase in Price with Better Diamond Cut Quality

In the usual terms of speaking, you could anticipate the worth of a diamond per-carat to go up with any improvement in cut quality. This is mainly due to the fact that larger quantity of rough stone would have to be let go for attaining the final symmetry as well as better cut proportions, and polishing the facets of the diamond.

In other words, as you remove more rough stone, the quality of what is left increases, while the overall carat weight goes down. To compensate that loss, the price of the stone is raised. In addition to that, you it also takes more skilled labor, plus and a lot more time, in rendering a beautiful diamond cut than a relatively poor one. Profitability and economics play into all of this.

Cost Per Carat

Nevertheless, converting all pieces of rough into an ideal diamond cut is not sensible, because that would decrease the total amount of profitability for a lot of people in the pipeline. That means as a buyer, you would find a number of subpar diamonds on the market, created only with a view to retaining weight and not achieving attractiveness.

One of the biggest mistakes which beginners buying diamonds make, is that they purchase the stone while fully focusing on its carat weight. The size of a stone doesn’t always matter. Obviously, any diamonds which was cut very well would look more attractive than one that was not, assuming the two did not differ overly in other aspects. Most times it is best to buy a smaller stone that is visually appealing and less costly.

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