Why Is Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Getting Popular?

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring
Pink Diamond Engagement Ring
Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Most people choose white diamond for their engagement rings because it is the classic choice. White diamonds are timeless and very beautiful but colored diamond engagement rings are getting widely popular these days. If you want to stand out from the rest, choosing a blue or pink diamond engagement ring is the best option you have. The recent trend is showing that many people prefer pink diamond engagement ring to other colored diamond engagement rings.

A pink diamond is very romantic and symbolizes femininity and elegance. The color of the pink diamond is caused by a process called plastic deformation. Unlike other colored diamonds, pink diamond does not get its color from impurities. According to GIA, pink diamonds are very rare and therefore expensive. But still, the popularity of pink diamond engagement rings is rising worldwide.

Let’s take a look at why most people these days are choosing pink diamond engagement rings.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Pink Diamonds

One of the main reasons why pink diamonds are desirable and so special is that they are very rare. The pink color of the diamonds may come in a wide range of saturation, from light pink to bright, hot pink. Pink diamonds are also very durable like white diamonds, which makes them the best choice for engagement rings.

One major drawback of the pink diamond is its price. Because of their rarity, pink diamonds are very expensive even if they have small inclusions. Even pink diamonds with lower clarity are very expensive than other fancy colored diamonds that have higher clarity.

Tips To Pick Up The Right Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

You need to know about the 4Cs of the diamonds first before buying a pink diamond engagement ring. If you prefer a deeply saturated color, you may have to make a compromise on the clarity and size of the diamond.

Pink diamonds are not the right choice if you are looking for large carat weights. This is because pink diamonds are mainly available in low carat weights.

Always buy a certified diamond because some pink diamonds are lab-grown and many stores sell them as natural diamonds. A certificate of authenticity will help to make sure that the diamond is natural.

Taking Care Of Pink Diamond

Like any other colored diamond, you should take care of your pink diamond. Keep your pink diamond engagement ring clean with soap and warm water or you can also use a jewelry cleaner. In addition, make sure to choose a strong setting for the diamond to avoid falling off.

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