Unusual Engagement Rings Of Celebrities

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Actor Ben Affleck gave an engagement ring with a green diamond as he proposed marriage to singer Jennifer Lopez. It is an unusual ring. A green diamond is a rare option for an engagement ring. Green is on the list of the rarest natural diamond colors. There is just a small number of green diamond engagement rings on the market, but those stones are not as vivid and big as the gem on Lopez’s finger. It has made us consider the other unusual engagement rings of celebrities, including the following.

Camila Alves’ Ring

Back in 2012, Matthew McConaughey gave his fiancée Alves a ring with a rose-cut diamond. It showed that McConaughey had great taste in jewelry. After a Christmas Day proposal, the actor gave us a glimpse of the diamond ring at a public event.

Carrie Underwood’s Ring

Mike Fisher gave Underwood a canary diamond engagement ring. One of her favorite jewelry designers and Fisher worked on the ring, which is unusual yet very Underwood. Worth around $150,000, the ring has a yellow diamond as its centerpiece as well as pave diamonds and a halo of diamonds set around it. The ring represents a combination of vintage and modern jewelry that suits a country singer of Underwood’s stature.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Ring

Sebastian Bear-McClard and Ratajkowskiknew each other for a long time before they started dating. After some days, they got hitched at a courthouse in New York in a way that not many knew about it. Ratajkowski has a unique engagement ring, but Bear-McClard did not propose marriage to her with it. Rather, he proposed marriage to Ratajkowski with a ring he made with a paperclip and restaurant bill. The other jewelry piece came afterwards, and it features a princess cut diamond and a pear-cut diamond on yellow gold.

Emma Stone’s Ring

Stone has an engagement ring with pearl designed by a jeweler from Tokyo. It is different from the other celebrity versions that we have come across so far. Many diamonds and floral embellishments make the ring very intricate.

Usually private in relationship matters, Dave McCary was very eager to let the world know that he got engaged with Stone. McCary used the selfie that he posted on Instagram to announce the piece of news. McCary let the photograph do all the talking while using a heart emoji as a caption for it.

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