What Is Diamond Fire?

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Brilliant Cut Diamond
Brilliant Cut Diamond

Brilliance. Shine. Sparkle…and now fire. You must be scratching your head as to what these all are. Before we jump into that, one needs to soak in the way in which diamonds catch the light. There are several ways in which you can describe this ‘beauty’ and the way it catches the light. But when we select diamonds, the term brilliance is the only one that is looked up to. However, that is not the only one; Fire is right up there with it.

What Exactly Is The Fire Of A Diamond?

To simply put, imagine a hungry flame with the warm aura spreading out. The diamond’s “fire” is the effect when the white light spreads out to form the colors of the rainbow when it hits its facets. These facets are physical, which are actually cut in the diamond by the diamond cutter. The other is virtual facets, which are created when light from the physical facets bounce. The more the number of virtual facets that a brilliant cut diamond has, the more is the refraction of the light, and more is the “fire”.

Are There Some Cuts That Have More Fire Than The Other?

Of course! As mentioned earlier, the physical cut creates the virtual facets, which in turn add to the fire of the diamond. Of all the cuts, the round brilliant cut diamond has the most fire. The round brilliant cut diamond is one that has a staggering 58 facets-These facets create even more virtual facets and add to the fire.

Selecting A Stone With Excellent Fire

To make sure that the diamond you select has plenty of fire, make sure that it has excellent symmetry. You should most likely get the expertise of a gemmologist, who will be more than happy to get you what you need. It really doesn’t matter if your priority is sparkle, shape or saving money; a highly skilled gemmologist will be able to find what you are looking for within your budget constraints.

The Curtain Closer

Having a diamond on your ring or jewellery, that has the same fire as your soul, is truly awe-worthy. Taking the time to search and find such a piece is more than an investment, but a statement. Having the eye to pick out the right diamond that fits your needs requires you to know what you are looking for.

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