Why Round Brilliant Diamonds Are Very Expensive?

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

When shopping for diamond engagement rings, you might have come across different diamond shapes and cuts. Some of the popular diamond cuts include round brilliant, princess, Asscher, oval, heart, cushion, emerald cut, etc. All these diamond shapes have their own peculiarities and unique features. Therefore, you have to choose a diamond shape that suits you the best.

Even though there are a large number of diamond shapes, the most popular shape that is chosen by people across the whole world includes the round brilliant diamond. You can find a large number of designs and styles when it comes to round diamond engagement rings rather than the choices you get for other shapes. This alone shows the popularity of round diamond when compared to other diamond shapes. However, the round diamond is also the most expensive shape among all the diamond shapes.

If you are wondering why round diamonds are very expensive in comparison with other diamond shapes, then this article will be helpful to you. We are listing the important reasons why round diamond rings are the most expensive among different diamond engagement rings.

Round Diamonds Exhibit A Good Brilliance And Sparkle

If you ask that which is the most brilliant diamond shape, then there is only one answer. It is definitely the round diamonds. Diamonds are all about their shine and brilliance. Therefore, people are looking for diamond shapes that can bring out the beauty and brilliance to its maximum, and round diamond is the best option for them. Because of its specific shape and arrangement of the facets, it allows the maximum reflection of the light entering the stone, thereby creating maximum brilliance and sparkle. Therefore, your stone will attract maximum attention. Hence, this is the favorite choice of a large number of people across the world. This is a factor that contributes to the popularity and cost of round diamonds.

Round Diamonds Lose Maximum Rough Stone

A huge portion of the rough stone will be lost in the process of cutting a round diamond than other fancy shapes. Hence, the price per carat for round diamonds will be more than other shapes. This is the main reason behind the high cost of round diamonds.

Benefits Of Round Brilliant Cut

You can have a large number of benefits by choosing round diamonds when compared to other shapes. As mentioned above, it has the maximum brilliance and sparkle. This brilliance can be helpful to mask the flaws in the diamond to a great extent. Therefore, you can save a significant amount on the clarity and color of the diamond.

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